Komodo – CLHS Frame Grabber

Komodo CLHS Frame Grabber Overview

Komodo CLHS is a high performance Camera Link HS Frame Grabber supporting CLHS X Protocol (10G)standard. The Komodo-CLHS is capable of receiving video streams using four SFP+ 10GigE transceivers and a single QSFP+ 40GigE optical interface. Each link supports standard X Protocol bitrates up to 10 Gbps. The board offers a flexible DDR3 memory system with up to 144 Gb of memory and 128 Gbps throughput. A high speed 8 lane Gen 3.0 PCI express interface allows fast data transfer between optical links and computer memory
This CLHS Frame Grabber is ideally suited for industrial, defense and aerospace Machine Vision Systems and applications.
This product also provides GPIO for machine control signals, such as triggers, shaft encoders, exposure control and general I/O, which can be control aside video stream acquisition.

Komodo Fiber Block Diagram

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  • Machine Vision
  • Neworking
  • Algorithm Acceleration
  • Broadcasting and sports analytics
  • High-speed DVRs


  • Up to 8 CLHS links support
  • PCIe Gen3 x8 Half-length card
  • Up to 144 Gb image buffer
  • Multi-stream support
  • Camera controls and triggers
  • Up to 8 re-transmit links
  • Per-link LED indication on card bracket
  • Flexible machine I/O:
    • 8 TTL configurable I/Os
    • 8 LVCMOS configurable I/Os
    • 4 LVDS inputs
    • 4 LVDS outputs
    • 8 opto-isolated outputs
    • 8 opto-isolated inputs
    • 8 quadrature rotary encoders
    • Integrated strobe controller
  • CLHS compliant
  • Multiple Camera synchronization
  • Multiple Frame Grabbers synchronization
  • GUI interface
  • Supporting Windows and Linux OS
  • API for developing custom applications
  • Plug-ins modules for MATLAB, HALCON and Labview
  • Gen<i>Cam compliant
  • GenTL support
  • Data rates up to 10 Gbps per link
  • Transfer Rate of up to 60 Gbps
  • 0°C to 50°C operating environment temperature

On board processing

  • Color space conversion with selectable bit depth
  • Bayer de-mosaicing with selectable bit depth
  • Tap re-ordering
  • Color correction
  • Custom processing engines


  • Komodo CLHS Frame Grabber
  • Hardware user manual
  • Software installation CD
  • Fiber cables (optional)
  • GPIO Extension Panel (optional)

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