Place an Order

An order is typically based on a quote previously provided to you. If you have not received a quote, click here to contact us for further proceedings.

Once you have a quote you have a choice of three options to place an order:

Option 1: Purchase Order
Submit a Purchase Order (PO) from your institution via either email
to or by fax to (+972)-72-272-3511.

Option 2: Credit Card
Payment could be made using Credit Card. For more details please contact
a KAYA Instruments’ representative at

Option 3: PayPal Transfer
A transfer could be made via PayPal account. Please contact
a KAYA Instruments’ representative for further instructions.


For other payment plans please advise a KAYA Instruments’ representative either by telephone, fax, mail or the site’s contact form. Once we process your request you will receive a confirmation email to inform you the order has been acknowledged.

Thank you for your order!