JetCam front view with lens

JetCam 51

Key Features:
• 2.1 Megapixel up to 2400 fps
• 40Gbps fiber optic interface
• 25 Gbps CoaXPress
• Up to 10 km cable length
• 3G SDI output for local monitor
• Nikon F mount with integrated lens control
• Compatible with KAYA Vision Point™ SDK
• Compatible with KAYA Komodo™ Frame Grabbers
• Customization as per user requirements

JetCam is high speed low-cost global shutter camera with Fiber or CoaXPress interfaces which supports full HD (1920×1080) high quality video at rates up to 2400fps.

The camera incorporates 10 μm CMOS global shutter sensor (LUX19HS) and a direct lens control without need of external devices. With compact outline and low power design this camera can be fitted into tight spaces. The 3G SDI output enables connection of local monitor as viewfinder or an installation aid.

Pixel size10 µm
Resolution1920 (H) x 1080 (V)
Sensor size4/3”
Video outputKAYA Fiber interface up to 40 Gbps, CoaXPress up to 25 Gbps, CLHS up to 40 Gbps, 10GiGE up to 10Gbps
Frame rate2400 fps @8bit resolution
1920 fps @10bit resolution
Electronic shutterGlobal shutter
Image acquisitionContinuous / Triggered
Output resolution8 or 10 bit
Full Well Charge15000 e-
Pixel FPN4 mV rms
PRNU<1.5% rms
Temporal Noise10 e-
Dynamic range56.9321dB at 520 nm
Quantum Efficiency
(QE) x FF
54.275% at 520 nm
Responsivity at 550 nm20V/Lux.s at 500nm
Ratio (SNR max)
41.2759dB at 520 nm
Shortest Exposure1us
Dark signal @ 20°CTBD
Monochrome/ colorMonochrome / Color
Power input12 VDC (optional 24 VDC)
Weight (without lens)450g
Power consumption<12W
Operating temperature-10 C to 50 C (Optional -40 to 70 C)
Lens mountF-Mount, B4, C-mount
On camera processingDefect pixel correction
White balance
Image flip
Frame counter
Flat field correction
FPN corrections
Gain (Analog / Digital)
Auto black level
Nonvolatile storage
Programmable I/O2x RS232 (RS485 optional)
Lens controlFujinon lens control
Custom lens control through RS232/RS485
Complimentary video output3G SDI
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